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aquí trobaràs el nostre dia a dia


Waiting for the good weather

We are still in mainland because of ‘Nadja’ , ‘Petra’ , ‘Qumeira’ and ‘Ruth’. These are the names of the storms (force 10 over 12) who are lashing the Atlantic european front with 14 meters waves and winds reaching 150 km/h. Here in french Britain, as well as in Galicia, it has been years since they last saw a winter like this. Waiting for the weather to calm down and allow us to sail to A Coruña, we are still in Concarneau.

We are taking the time to organize our tour around Haiti. To start working in our documentary. To carry on with the crowdfunding campaign in Verkami, which ends in 10 days. To finish some details of the Rêve de Mousse as for example the hydraulic pump that we will use to lift the anchor.

These stormy days, where violent wind makes rain fall horizontally, we have learned that when high tides meets heavy rainfall and strong waves, the water can rise as much as the quay level, and the boats are not safe anymore, even if they are inside the port.

Photo via Defence Images