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aquí trobaràs el nostre dia a dia

bonne arrivée

Welcome to the Caribbean!

On April 12 we left Cabo Verde archipelago to undertake the longest part of our adventure: 15 deep-sea days. 15 days seeing water, sky and flying fishes, learning about navigation, sails and engines, studying creole (though we haven’t translated the show yet), and discovering new ways of cooking to prevent everything from going out flying around the kitchen. We have fished 3 gilded ones, repaired the automatic pilot and made the necessary transfers of water and gasoil to reach the port.


Once on the Caribbean Sea we had to avoid the fishnets of the local fishermen before experiencing the incredible sensation of putting feet on the ground. Happy and satisfied we went out of Bas-le-Fort’s marina to celebrate our arrival and, while we were enjoying our first fresh beer, the captain congratulated us on our work and attitude during the journey.


But don’t you think that we are in holidays in the Caribbean. These days we are preparing the Rêve of Mousse again for his final trip: Guadeloupe – Haiti. We are filming local fishermen and preparing our arrival. We are almost there!