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Actuacion Aldeias Infantis SOS Cabo Verde

Cabo Verde

Cabo Verde is a 15 islands archipelago located in front of Gambia and Senegal’s coast, independent from Portugal since 1975. It’s a place where the alizes blow west strongly, that’s the reason why many boats stop there before crossing the Atlantic. So did Rêve de Mousse.

After leaving Las Palmas, we headed south – southwest, being welcomed by several groups of dolphins and even a whale. We sailed to Cabo Verde, where we didn’t expect to stop by. But in order to make sure we had gasoil enough, our captain Max decided to do it. On Sunday April 6th we first saw Sao Nicolas island, as well as Santa Luzia and Santo Antao. By the beginning of the afternoon we were reaching Mindelo’s port, in Sao Vicente.

In that land, halfway between Africa, Europe and America, the social and economic importance of fishing is huge. After visiting and filming some local fishermen communities, we discovered that the sportive and industrial fishing are having a negative impact in the traditional fishing.

We can say that the social part of our project Rumbo Haití has started here. Last Thursday we played in the Centro Social SOS de Mindelo, a center of Aldeias Infantis for orphan children and for kids that come from families with social problems.

Willing to send you some news from the other side of the Atlantic in two weeks, and also expecting to have good winds, see you son!