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Trujillo i l'esquelet

Boarding of La Puntual and La Caja Fuerte

We are very happy to be back, this weekend, in the smallest theatre of Barcelona: La Puntual. And we are also very excited to disembark for the very first time with our short documentary “The Puppets Cemetery” in a new space in town that is becoming a centre of creation and experimentation around puppets and theatre of objects: La Caja Fuerte. We Will look for “The Treasure of the Pirate” Friday 20th of February at 18h, Saturday 21st at 18h and Sunday 22nd at 12 and 17h into La Puntual (C/ Allada Vermell, 15). If you have not yet seen … Continued

Actuación en Carrefour Feuilles, Puerto Príncipe

Coming back from a great trip

One week ago we landed in Barcelona six month after our departure. Bretagne, A Coruña, Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Guadaloupe, Haiti, Dominican Republic. Thousands of nautical miles and hundreds of kilometers. During these months we played more than thirty times, twenty in Haiti, and we filmed dozens of hours. We are finally back home and we feel that we changed, that we are not the same persons that left a few months ago, as it happens every time you live a great trip. We helped sewing the sail and building the mast for an old fishing ship like the Rêve … Continued

Sin ti?tulo-2

Puppetteer meeting in Port-au-Prince

Haiti’s capital is a nearly one million people city that lies between the sea and the mountain. It’s impressive to rise the eyes and see the neighbourhoods spreading in the heights, where families lives in a labyrinth of shacks, stairs and small trails that you can only reach by foot. There’s no running water, neither black water canalisation system and the electricity depends on the unreliable EDH (that is working, in contrast, very well, since the Football World Cup started). In Carrefour Feuilles, a neighbourhood alike those just described, we shared three days of shooting with Lintho Casimir, a young … Continued

Ernst Saintrome actuando con un títere en la Grande Anse

One month in Haiti

Without realizing it, we already spent one month in Haiti and performed 17 times! Our first stop after leaving Grande Goave has been Camp Perrin, half an hour ride from Cayes, where we did two shows and where we were welcomed by Helena’s and Younes’ big family. From there we penetrated La Grande Anse, one of the more remote areas of Haiti which have terrible infrastructures. In Jéremie we meet the puppeteer Ernst Saintrome, with whom we had the honour of playing together in Aliance Française. We also filmed him during a few days in which we reached really remote … Continued

Captura de pantalla 2014-05-25 a la(s) 05.13.59

First days in Haiti

In contrast with the relaxed life in the sea, the 12 days we already spent in Haiti have been intense and it seems as if they had been many more! Once the Rêve de Mousse was anchored and the first part of donations disembarked, we said godbye for a few days to our captain, Max, and took the road to Jacmel. The city of the artists welcomed us with arms opened and with many new friends. Next morning we played our show for the second time here. That same night we found ourselves dancing with the rhythms of drums in … Continued