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aquí trobaràs el nostre dia a dia


From South Korea to Kuwait, a Nomadic summer!

La Puntual in Barcelona, Festival de Títeres de Las Merindades, shows in L’Empordà, in Penedès, in the Maresme region, near Tarragona … and also very far away: in South Korea, from where we arrived some days ago; and Kuwait, where we fly today! We will stay there until September 9th! This is a really Nomad summer! This was the second time we have brought “The Pirate’s Treasure” in Korea after last year in the Chilgok Puppet Music Festival. This time we played 8 times: Incheon, Chuncheon Puppet Festival, the Sangju Arts Festival and Mokpo, where we heated the ambiance in … Continued



Since October we have been working intensely, but discreetly, in the first creation for adults of our company: “Gri-Gri” a show of medium-large format with puppets of human size that is inspired by the experiences we had in the projects in Africa and Haiti. Finally, on Wednesday June 10, we presented the work in progress of the show at Centre Cívic Drassanes in front of an audience full of friends. There is a lot of work to be done before the big premiere of autumn but we are so happy! People enjoyed the show and we feel that we are … Continued

Trujillo i l'esquelet

Boarding of La Puntual and La Caja Fuerte

We are very happy to be back, this weekend, in the smallest theatre of Barcelona: La Puntual. And we are also very excited to disembark for the very first time with our short documentary “The Puppets Cemetery” in a new space in town that is becoming a centre of creation and experimentation around puppets and theatre of objects: La Caja Fuerte. We Will look for “The Treasure of the Pirate” Friday 20th of February at 18h, Saturday 21st at 18h and Sunday 22nd at 12 and 17h into La Puntual (C/ Allada Vermell, 15). If you have not yet seen … Continued

Marionetes Nòmades en el Vibra Balboa

Belgium tour

It’s been a truly nomadic summer for us: after our shows in Tantarantana Theatre, in Sabadell, at la Festa Major of Raval, in South Korea, in Planoles and at Vibra Balboa Festival, we close the season performing in Belgium. These are our dates: – Saturday 13/09, 16h. Ans’art Day, Ansart. – Sunday 14/09, 16h. Bellefontaine, Fête des Fleurs. – Saturday 20/09, 16:45h. Journée Internationale de la Paix. La Tentation, Place du Béguinage. Bruxelles. – Sunday 21/09, 16:30h. Fête à Mouscron. 100 bis rue de Neuville, Mouscron.

Actuación en Carrefour Feuilles, Puerto Príncipe

Coming back from a great trip

One week ago we landed in Barcelona six month after our departure. Bretagne, A Coruña, Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Guadaloupe, Haiti, Dominican Republic. Thousands of nautical miles and hundreds of kilometers. During these months we played more than thirty times, twenty in Haiti, and we filmed dozens of hours. We are finally back home and we feel that we changed, that we are not the same persons that left a few months ago, as it happens every time you live a great trip. We helped sewing the sail and building the mast for an old fishing ship like the Rêve … Continued