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aquí trobaràs el nostre dia a dia



Since October we have been working intensely, but discreetly, in the first creation for adults of our company: “Gri-Gri” a show of medium-large format with puppets of human size that is inspired by the experiences we had in the projects in Africa and Haiti. Finally, on Wednesday June 10, we presented the work in progress of the show at Centre Cívic Drassanes in front of an audience full of friends. There is a lot of work to be done before the big premiere of autumn but we are so happy! People enjoyed the show and we feel that we are on the good way!
bru_4It is time to say thank you: to Casa Taller de Marionetas de Pepe Otal for being our operational base and workshop; to C.C. Drassanes, for the assignment of spaces for months; to La Farinera del Clot, for the residence we are currently
doing there to complete the final phase of creation.
It would all have been impossible without Xavi Silveira, Dandara Flores and Aleix Bové who have done a magnificent job with the music; thanks to Claudia Fascio, to turn our “dirty laundry” in a beautiful wardrobe; to Victor G. G-Echave for the inspiration in the design of the scenery; to Maria Berzosa, for her help with lighting; to Marc Àvila, for the great pictures like the one that heads this post. Also, Juanjo Letemendía and all the colleagues and friends of Casa Taller de Marionetas for always being there. Well, there is someone who was not there on Wednesday: our friend Lope Alberdi, that we missed -and will miss- a lot.
bru_8It was wonderful to receive your feedback. Thanks to that this show will be better, no doubts about that. What remains from here to the big premiere is an exciting job. Once we have the teaser ready, we will share it with you! Show must go on!