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Kenavo, Breizh (bye bye, Bretagne)

One day after the end of our crowdfunding campaign (thank you again!), and 40 after our arrival in this magical land, it is time to say “Kenavo, Breizh”. That’s to say, in Breton: goodbye, Bretagne. This afternoon, taking advantage of the good weather, we are embarking aboard the Rêve de Mousse and starting our trip, finally!

From the French Finistèrre to de Iberioc Finisterre there’s almost three days of sailing across the Gulf of Gascogne. We leave behing us good friends and experiences that we will always carry with us. We felt like at home.

Our first destination in our way towards Haiti is A Coruña. We are happy to announce that this Sunday we will play our show “The Pirate’s Treasure” in A Casa Tomada, a wonderful project that has been waiting for us for weeks with open arms. New friends and encounters await there.

May the winds be favorable to us! We start our trip saying “ar gwechall , Breizh” (see you soon, Bretagne).