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First days in Haiti

In contrast with the relaxed life in the sea, the 12 days we already spent in Haiti have been intense and it seems as if they had been many more! Once the Rêve de Mousse was anchored and the first part of donations disembarked, we said godbye for a few days to our captain, Max, and took the road to Jacmel.

The city of the artists welcomed us with arms opened and with many new friends. Next morning we played our show for the second time here. That same night we found ourselves dancing with the rhythms of drums in a voudou party and the mambo invited us to come back whenever we wanted to perform. And we did so the following day!

We watched carefully the reactions of the public and we listened to a few advices in order to introduce a few changes in our show and adapt it to the preferences and the reality of Haiti. We also memorized the text in kreyol! As a result, the following five shows in schools were even better!

pescadoresIn the meantime, during the week, the audiovisual crew didn’t stop working! Tuesday at 5 o’clock in the morning we were in Marigot’s market filming de disembarkation of goods and fish. We also witnessed a traditional fishing technique called “sen” and went to a meeting of the Union de Pêcheurs.

Friday morning we came back to Grande Goave to collaborate in the disembarkation of the rest of material and donations. Responsibles of Foyer Forward Haïti and Monastère Morne St. Benoit came with their vehicles and left afterwards with dozens of boxes full of books, medicines, clothes, sewing machines, etc.

While the documents of the boat get ready and Aquadev continues working on the preparation of the projects that will give a new life to the Rêve de Mousse, our immediate plans will bring us for a few days to the southwest (first stop, Cayes). We keep going!