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Actuación en Carrefour Feuilles, Puerto Príncipe

Coming back from a great trip

One week ago we landed in Barcelona six month after our departure. Bretagne, A Coruña, Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Guadaloupe, Haiti, Dominican Republic. Thousands of nautical miles and hundreds of kilometers. During these months we played more than thirty times, twenty in Haiti, and we filmed dozens of hours. We are finally back home and we feel that we changed, that we are not the same persons that left a few months ago, as it happens every time you live a great trip.

Reve de Mousse camino a Cabo VerdeWe helped sewing the sail and building the mast for an old fishing ship like the Rêve de Mousse, we loaded and unloaded tons of sanitary and educational material on board, we crossed the gulf of Biscay in the very middle of winter, we dirtied our hands in the 300 horsepower engine, we enjoyed how dolphins played around our ship and we were fascinated by the whales, we sighted birds in the middle of the ocean more than 2.000 km away from the coast, we cooked through rough seas, we spent 15 days in which there was nothing but sea and horizon around us, we learned to sail, we went fishing with our camera with fishermen from 4 different countries.

And we finally reached Haiti, our destination. The intense month and a half we lived there has been enough to make us fall in love with its people and to admire the strenght, the joy and the dignity with which they face their day by day, that is not easy at all. Haiti is a special land where we have made many very good friends, performed our show a lot, and filmed everything that surrounds the world of fishing to complete the documentary about the Rêve of Mousse.

Haiti and its islands were a pirate’s refuge. Our show ” The Pirate’s Treasure”, adapted to Créole and with many references to the local voodoo mythology, was warmly welcomed in the schools, orphanages, neighbourhoods, beaches, courtyards and streets where we played it. Puppets also led us to sharing experiences with artists like Ernst and Lintho, the main carachters of a new chapter of our audio-visual project on puppeteers of the world.

We feel satisfied of the work we made. Many people supported us through the crowdfunding campaign we did to realize this dream (thank you again!) and we are happy to say that we did it, and that we did it well. We also want to thank Solidarité-Pêche and Aquadev, as both organizations made possible this “cabinboy’s dream”, this trip of the Rêve de Mousse to Haiti with puppeteers and a filmmaker on board.