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Ernst Saintrome actuando con un títere en la Grande Anse

One month in Haiti

Without realizing it, we already spent one month in Haiti and performed 17 times! Our first stop after leaving Grande Goave has been Camp Perrin, half an hour ride from Cayes, where we did two shows and where we were welcomed by Helena’s and Younes’ big family.

From there we penetrated La Grande Anse, one of the more remote areas of Haiti which have terrible infrastructures. In Jéremie we meet the puppeteer Ernst Saintrome, with whom we had the honour of playing together in Aliance Française. We also filmed him during a few days in which we reached really remote areas of the country…

Ernst SaintromeHe always travels with his marionettes and he doesn’t hesitate to take them out at any occasion. He is actually preparing a documentary about the massacre of Vepres Jereminiènes that took place under the dictatorship of Duvalier. We hope we can meet him again in Port au Prince after a few days. He will be one of the main characters of the new chapter of our audio-visual project about marionettists of the world!

Our next stop was Ile à Vache, in the South. We spent a few days sharing Willy’s and Fier de l’Homme’s fishing daily life. We also performed with our pirate in the bay in which Captain Morgan used to prepare his expeditions. We also did two shows in the centre for orphans and handicapped children of Sister Flora.

We were back yesterday in our base in Grande Goave, where we meet again our captain Max and Richard, but we hit the road immediately to go the capital to drink a few beers with the young puppeteer Casimir Lintho.

Now we have two intense weeks in front of us in which we will complete the shooting of the documentary of the Rêve de Mousse and know the work and the life of our new marionettist friend!

Let us finish this post sharing and celebrating with us that our documentary “The Puppet Cemetery” has been awarded last Saturday as best short film documentary in Festival Mujeres y Cine de Valencia.