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aquí trobaràs el nostre dia a dia


From South Korea to Kuwait, a Nomadic summer!

La Puntual in Barcelona, Festival de Títeres de Las Merindades, shows in L'Empordà, in Penedès, in the Maresme region, near Tarragona ... and also very far away: in South Korea, from where we arrived some days ago; and Kuwait, where we fly today! We will stay there until September 9th! This is a really Nomad summer!

This was the second time we have brought "The Pirate's Treasure" in Korea after last year in the Chilgok Puppet Music Festival. This time we played 8 times: Incheon, Chuncheon Puppet Festival, the Sangju Arts Festival and Mokpo, where we heated the ambiance in town before the MIMAF Festival. A tour where we have not only made new friends, but in which we shared lots of adventures with Putxa and Julieta from Zero en Conducta company.

And today we take a plane to Kuwait! For nine days we will play -in Arabic - in a bookstore at The Avenues mall. We go there not only with puppets but also with some filming stuff: we will take a few days to continue the serie about puppeteers of the world, this time with an artist from the Gulf as a main character! Let's go!