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Marionetes Nòmades Company was created in Barcelona in 2012 by Pere Bigas and Bruno Valls. Coming from different artistic backgrounds, they share the appreciation of fresh, original and quality shows. Their first show, “The Pirate’s Treasure”, has been performed in various languages (Catalan, Spanish, French, Italian and English) and has had a major welcome from both public and critic in Catalonia, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland and Burkina Faso.

The Pirate's treasure

  • synopsis

    After the sinking of his ship, captain Trujillo wakes up in a deserted island. Or not so deserted! There he will know about a hidden treasure. How will he find it? Who will help him? What dangers will he face? A story full of action, humour and tenderness that drives children crazy and wins the adult’s favour.

    marionetes nòmades foto de lia marrugat lia fotografia
  • technique

    Title: The Pirate’s Treasure
    Technique: String and glove puppets
    Public: All ages (+3)
    Languages: Catalan, Spanish, French, Italian and English
    Length: Two versions available: 45 or 30 minutes
    Assembly time: 2 hours. Disassembling time: 1 hour

    The 30 minutes version can be adapted, with less text, in any language

    marionetes nòmades foto de lia marrugat lia fotografia
  • Art. career

    • MiniGrec Barcelona Festival (SP)
      Barcelona TOT Festival (SP)
      La Titellada Festival
    • Barcelona (SP)
      FIROBI puppet Festival
    • Vilassar de Mar (SP)
      Titirifuente Street Art Festival
    • Fuenlabrada (SP)
      La Plage des Six Pompes International Festival (SW)
      Rendez Vous Chez Nous Int. Festival
    • Ouagadougou (BF)
      Sarmede International Theatre Street Fair (IT)
      XXII Street Shows Fair
    • Vilafranca del Penedes (SP)
      El Mitjo
    • St Pere de Riudebitlles PuppetFair (SP)

      La Puntual Theatre
    • Barcelona (SP)
      Fenix Theatre
    • Barcelona (SP)
      Ty Theatre from Gouesnach (FR)
      CITO Theatre
    • Ouagadougou (BF)
    • Barcelona (SP)
      Can Ninot Theatre
    • St. Cugat del Valles(SP)
      Taller de Marionetes de Pepe Otal (SP)
      RAI Art
    • Barcelona (SP)
  • video

    This video shows the process of creation and the first year performing our marionnette show “The Pirate’s Treasure”.

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