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Planet in danger, puppets to the rescue!

This is the title of the first workshop from Marionetes Nòmades. We have created it for the program of environmental workshops of the Diputació of Barcelona. The aim: to sensitize the youngest on the climate change. We had the first workshop a couple of weeks ago in Sant Feliu del Llobregat and, since then, we have already realized it in some schools of Sant Vicenç de Montalt and i Castellterçol as well as in Palafolls’s library.


Stirred into action by the Doctor Climàtic (a glove puppet) and with the help of his assistant of laboratory Simon, the workshop uses the theatre of silhouettes, some activities and games to make the children think over on the natural resources, the climate change and the responsibility of all of us towards our planet.



There are still many things to improve with the ideas that the children are proposing at the end of every workshop, but we are very happy with the workshop and with the idea that we still have many schools to visit!