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Tailor made

Marionetes Nòmades also works as an independent producer that provides customized artistic projects.


We are quick and efficient creating shows on request and adapting them to different budgets. And we enjoy doing it.
If you have an idea for a show, no matters how crazy it may sound, if you want to surprise somebody, to create an original event or to have your own custom made show, call us and let’s talk about it.
In order to start the creation process we just need a text about somebody’s life, a character, an object, a song, a comical scene, a feeling or… anything that inspires you!

marionetes nòmades foto de lia marrugat lia fotografia


Marionetes Nòmades has a competent filming crew as well as the technical equipment to produce professional multimedia and audiovisual works.
If you want to have a good video of your show, a report or a documentary about your company, or you are interested in covering an event, creating a Stop Motion film, a viral video or an advertisement, get in touch with us and let’s talk about it.
Our speciality is the use of puppets in the audiovisual world as a cinematographic element, playing with reality, animation and fiction.